Pizza Hut will launch a limited-time discount of 42% on a single order pizza on weekdays starting from the working day, and the Chinese New Year limited "Cai Yuan Gun Gun Golden Dried Shrimp Pizza" on January 3 is also applicable.

(Photo/provided by Pizza Hut)

The New Year's Day holiday is coming to an end, so don't worry about starting work!

Pizza Hut 1/3 starts tomorrow for 15 consecutive days, launching three limited-time promotions of "Starting Work Super Value Pizza Hut". Not only is the big take-out pizza only 199 yuan, but there is also a super crazy buy one get three free and +1 yuan extra delicious non-staple food. Kang, the must-order BBQ chicken, golden Japanese cod cubes, and whirlwind cinnamon rolls can all be added easily!

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Buy 1 get 1 free at Starbucks, buy 2 get 2 free on Manor Latte

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Pizza Hut's "Starting Work Super Value Pizza Hut" promotion, 1/3~1/17 offers a 42% discount on a single pizza for takeaway on weekdays, and discounts for all pizzas (Pizza Hut Jinmen, Express, and Hot Stations are not applicable), including tropical pineapple Fresh shrimp, smoked golden pizza, white sauce smoked chicken and bacon pizza, sausage and cheese trio pizza are only 199 yuan, and the popular Japanese-style takoyaki pizza and Korean kimchi roast pork pizza are also only 379 yuan special price.

If one pizza is not enough, you can enjoy "buy one, get three free" for takeaway big pizza, Pizza Hut offers a big pizza for free, the newly launched heart-warming dessert "Cinnamon Roll (5 pieces)" and Coke, starting from 1/3 of the Chinese New Year The limited edition "Cai Yuan Gun Gun Golden Dried Shrimp Pizza" is also available. It is full of fresh and sweet scallops, served with crispy tempura fried shrimp and special fortune gold ingots. It is rich and cost-effective.

Pizza Hut Pasta Hut also has good deals for individual meals. From 1/3 to 1/19, as long as you order any flavor of paper-wrapped noodles, paper-wrapped rice, or exclusive pizza through the PK Shuangxiang Card APP, you can get a delicious meal with an extra RMB 1 Non-staple food, including "Potato Gold Coins (Small Portion)", "BBQ Roast Chicken (1 Wing and 1 Leg)", "Golden Zephyr Cod (3 Pieces)", "Whirlwind Cinnamon Rolls (2 Pieces)" to choose from four delicious, every day Eating is not repeated.

Pizza Hut's new heart-warming dessert "Whirlwind Cinnamon Roll", as long as you take out a large pizza, you can eat it for free!

(Photo/provided by Pizza Hut)

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