[Reporter Yang Xinhan/Taipei Report] "Jolin" Tsai held the third "UGLY BEAUTY" finale tour at the Little Arena tonight. The queen sang for 3 nights without any fatigue, and shouted: "Crazy fans seem to be full , I’m already sweating, is it because you are too enthusiastic? How about waving your butterfly sleeves to your heart’s content?” Wei Li’an, a creative talent, was invited to be the guest tonight, and it seems super shy to cooperate with the queen.

"Jolin" Jolin Tsai held the 3rd "UGLY BEAUTY" finale tour at the Arena tonight.

(Photo by reporter Wang Wenlin)

Jolin put on a pretty golden wig, turned into a violet butterfly Barbie, sang brisk dance music such as "The Sun Never Sets" and "Brain Gong", and then sang the new electronic song "No Difference", Wei Li'an made a surprise appearance, and the fans cheered continuously.

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Seeing the enthusiastic response from all the fans, Jolin said: "You guys are so crazy, it feels like you are a little bit crazier than yesterday, and your reactions will feed back on me. I will give you as much as you give me. I can only Say you made money today."

Wei Li'an (left) made a surprise appearance at Jolin Tsai's concert.

(Reporter Wang Wenlin)

Jolin sang the new electronic music song "No Difference" tonight, Wei Li'an came on stage in surprise, and even danced to show off his dancing skills, showing a rare rhythm.

Interestingly, the interaction between the two seemed to keep a little distance. Jolin couldn't help breaking the news: "During the rehearsal, as long as I approached him one meter, he stepped back two meters. I wanted to ask whether I should go to the Arena or not. Outside." Laughing, it might be because he was "too scary".

In this regard, Wei Li'an admitted that he was too shy, and said surprisingly: "I am more UGLY, you are BEAUTY." He revealed that he decided to dance because of the queen's request, "Thank you Jolin for being so generous, I also feel crazy, and want to After all, who will have such an opportunity, it may only be once in a lifetime.”

Wei Li'an (right) and Jolin Tsai danced on stage.

(Photo by reporter Wang Wenlin)

Wei Li'an, who is now an adult, admitted that he practiced dancing at home for his wife to watch, "My wife told me to dance, and he kept laughing and laughing, asking me to dance a handsome version, not funny, I said I just danced well Very handsome." The audience burst into laughter.

Wei Li'an said frankly that he was very nervous about dancing, "This dance is very easy to dance like Uncle doing morning exercises in the park, so every day after returning home from work, whenever I think of free time, I would practice dancing for a while, so my friends around me often feel very strange , and asked me why I have nothing to do aerobics!"

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