"Little Star Follower" Xiao Zhong.

(Provided by Zhongtian Comprehensive Station)

[Reporter Zhong Zhikai/Taipei Report] Zhongtian Comprehensive Channel's "Little Star Follower" will air at 10 pm tomorrow (2nd) "I won't talk about it after today's talk, and I will turn my face if I mention it later." The 51-year-old who has been single for many years Zhong Ze couldn't stand being urged to marry the most, and suddenly targeted the cheerleading goddess Lin Xiang, but the ending was dumbfounding.

Lin Xiang knew that Xiao Zhong had this trouble, and originally said that he would accompany Xiao Zhong to go back to celebrate the New Year, but then Xiao Zhong thought that he should just come and ask Lin Xiang, so he mustered up the courage to ask, but Lin Xiang suddenly changed his tone , told Xiao Zhong: "I really want to celebrate the New Year with my family this year", and shot him ruthlessly, which broke his heart, and he had to go back to face the attack of relatives urging the marriage.

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