On the first day of 2023, Zhushi has a new year's day baby Huanxi to report.

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[Reporter Cai Zhangsheng/Zhushi Report] On the first day of 2023, as of the afternoon in Zhushi, 4 New Year’s Day babies had registered. I also wish these New Year's Day babies grow up safely and healthily, Happy Birthday rabbit you!

According to statistics from the Hsinchu City Health Bureau, as of noon today, Zhushi has welcomed 4 New Year’s Day babies, 1 boy and 3 girls, including 2 natural births and 2 cesarean births. On the New Year's Day of the Year of the Rabbit, a healthy baby was born smoothly and safely.

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Gao Hongan said that there are 92,000 children under the age of 18 in Zhushi City, and the proportion of children accounts for more than 20% of the population, ranking first in the country. In order to become a strong backing for parents in raising children, the government has a number of childcare policies, including maternity allowances and childcare allowances , childcare subsidies for nannies, childcare subsidies for relatives, free childcare guidance services, public childcare measures, etc. In the future, we will actively implement the "0 to 6-year-old city government child care" policy, construct a more complete and friendly child care policy, and automatically On June 27 last year, the "Good Pregnancy Private Car Service" was launched, providing 6,000 yuan fare vouchers, transportation subsidies to and from 10 hospitals and 24 clinics that provide prenatal care services in Hsinchu County and City, in addition to additional coupons, free Parenting guidance and shopping gifts from friendly baby products stores, creating friendly and convenient transportation services for pregnant mothers.

Lin Sufen, Acting Director of the Health Bureau, said that the Ministry of Health and Welfare launched the "Expanded Subsidy Program for Infertility Treatment" to enable infertile test-tube baby subsidy recipients to successfully realize their dream of having a child, to "reduce burden", "help realize dreams", and "enhance pregnancy". Wait for three results.

This program has benefited 470 couples in Zhushi City this year, with a total subsidy cost of 26.25 million yuan.

A 47-year-old mother of twins who successfully conceived at Mackay Hospital in Hsinchu said that she has been married for 10 years and has made a lot of efforts to conceive successfully. She has done artificial insemination 5 times before and after, and finally succeeded. The fetus grows steadily and has a heartbeat!

She said that when she heard the news, she was really happy and thanked herself for persevering, and also thanked the medical staff for their care so that the children could come safely.

Lin Sufen said that in addition to taking care of couples with infertility, the Zhushi Medical Institute will also promote the "Children's Specialized Physician System Plan" to establish a one-to-one exclusive care system between doctors and children, providing health checks for infants aged 0-3, Vaccination, dental fluoride and other health care schedules are provided to accompany parents and children in their healthy growth.

In addition, Hsinchu City Mackay Children’s Hospital, the first children’s hospital in the Zhuzhumiao area, has set up a high-risk pregnancy center, a genetic and reproductive medicine center, and set up a high-risk pregnancy center, a genetic and reproductive medicine center, and genetic related testing during pregnancy. And take care; and set up the most complete morning treatment center in Hsinchu, providing occupational and physical therapy, psychotherapy, speech therapy and other services.

Provide professional medical services for women and children and medical care for urgent, serious, difficult, and rare children, and provide the strongest medical support for parents and children of bamboo and bamboo seedlings to jointly protect the health of children.

The city government added that in order to celebrate the birth of babies on New Year's Day, they will send New Year's Day gifts one by one to share the joy with their parents, wishing the babies a safe and healthy growth, and continue to promote support for breastfeeding and encourage mothers to breastfeed.

You can make good use of the 24-hour breast milk consultation hotline 03-5353975 cooperated by the Zhushi Health Bureau and the five major medical institutions within its jurisdiction. Professional medical staff will provide novice mothers with consultation services on breastfeeding and care, and accompany parents on the road of breastfeeding. alone.

On the first day of 2023, Zhushi has a new year's day baby Huanxi to report.

(provided by the city)

On the first day of 2023, Zhushi has a new year's day baby Huanxi to report.

(provided by the city)

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