Man suffers heart attack at IKEA store while shopping

A man who collapsed after suffering a heart attack while shopping at an IKEA store in Bengaluru was saved by a fellow shopper, a doctor, who managed him in time with cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR. managed to revive.

A video of the incident has been posted on Twitter by the doctor's son, which is going viral.

In this, a person is seen lying unconscious on the ground.

The blue-shirted doctor springs into action and begins applying pressure to her chest to restore circulation and breathing.

According to the description of the video, this process continued for 10 minutes, after which the person lying on the ground regained consciousness and is seen coughing.

Two IKEA employees were also seen helping the man.

The caption of the video shared by Rohit Dak on Twitter read, "My dad saved a life. We are at IKEA Bangalore where someone had a heart attack and was losing pulse. Dad worked on him for over 10 minutes." did and brought him back to his senses. Lucky boy a trained orthopedic surgeon was shopping in the next lane."

He said, "Doctors are a blessing. Respect!!!"

Watch Video:

My dad saved a life.

We happen to be at IKEA Bangalore where someone had an attack and had no pulse.

Dad worked on him for more than 10 minutes and revived him.

Lucky guy that a trained orthopedic surgeon was shopping in the next lane.

Doctors are a blessing.

Respect !!!

— Rohit Dak (@rohitdak) December 29, 2022

Since being shared, the video has been viewed more than two lakh times and has got nine thousand likes.

Many praised the doctor for his efforts and dedication towards the patient.

One person said, "Tell them my thanks. Nothing is more satisfying than saving someone's life."

Another said, "Doctors are special messengers of God in emergency situations. They can rescue people from death and give them new life." A third user wrote, "Really sir.

You stopped thousands of tears from his family members."

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