Meta continues to pour money into the Metaverse and acquire new companies.


Although Meta is not going smoothly in the development of the metaverse, the company has laid off employees this year, which has questioned the leadership of CEO Zuckerberg, but Meta does not seem to have any intention of compromising, and continues to invest in the metaverse .

Foreign media The Verge reported that Meta has acquired the Dutch company Luxexcel, which is a pioneer in the production of AR glasses with 3D printing technology.

Meta confirmed the acquisition to The Verge, but did not elaborate on the amount or terms of the deal.

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Andrew Bosworth, chief technology officer of Meta and head of Reality Labs, revealed in an article this month that Meta will focus on the operation of the metaverse, half of the development amount is expected to be invested in AR augmented reality, and the other half will continue to expand VR virtual reality.

Meta’s newly launched VR headset Quest Pro this year has added a color see-through function.

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Meta is working hard to create its first AR glasses, so it hopes to rely on the acquisition of Luxexcel to help. However, mass production products should not be seen in the short term, and it may take a few years. There will be a development version first, and then it will be pushed to consumption. By.

Meta's new VR flagship helmet Quest Pro launched this year has begun to incorporate the concept of augmented reality, such as having a color see-through function.

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