IU and Lee Jong Suk spread their love.

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[Reporter Zhong Zhikai/Taipei Report] IU and Lee Jong-suk are passionately in love, and the two confessed their love at the same time. Wang Xinyi, a senior bird divination master, calculated the relationship between the two, and calculated: "Remove the obstacles in the year of the rabbit, and strive for self-improvement. God will surely help you for a hundred years Good fit."

Wang Xinyi made the 60th lottery for the 2 people. The story of the poem was "Xue Gang kicked the prince to death, and the emperor was shocked by the nine clans." Also be aware that there will still be ups and downs in your relationship, learn to tolerate each other, improve and you can grow old together.”

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Wang Xinyi reminded the two people to learn to live in harmony with others. As for whether they will get married in the future, the poem "Floating clouds always cover the moonlight" shows that there will be no such possibility in a short time. At least they will not get married and have children in the Year of the Rabbit. Reminder: "It is inevitable that there will be temptations in society that make people lose their sense of proportion. You should exercise good precepts."

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