The Kaohsiung New Year's Eve girl group PT Girls showed off their super hot bodies. From left to right are Su Yanpei, Xie Jingying, Yang Jingyu, Bobozhen, Zhang Jiawei, and Bai Jiaqi.

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[Reporter Wang Rongxiang/Kaohsiung Report] The 2023 Kaohsiung New Year's Eve Yawan Future City Concert has a super strong cast, which attracted nearly 310,000 people to participate last night. The girl group PT Girls who came on stage in the second half faded from red dance clothes to super sexy The silver low-cut top and super shorts, "Fengfeng to the sky" made netizens praise her sincerity, and it became the most "cool" scene on stage last night.

Last year's New Year's Eve party lasted until 10 p.m., the host Haoxiang immediately introduced the "New Year's Eve limited" "PT Girls", consisting of Bai Jiaqi, Zhang Jiawei, Su Yanpei, Xie Jingying, Yang Jingyu, Bobozhen and 28 Chongyou University of Science and Technology dancers, The hottest place on Earth is Kaohsiung New Year's Eve.

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In 10 minutes of dance music of different genres, "PT Girls" faded from red dance suits and leotards to ultra-sexy silver low-cut tops with super shorts. Each of them showed a super hot figure when they introduced themselves, and they all have a New Year's Eve with Kaohsiung. The audience greets.

Bai Jiaqi said that several of them were busy working at eight o'clock, but they all took time to work overtime to catch up with the dance line, and added a lot of difficult dance sequences for the double-sided stage. Everyone was hooked and called out super tired.

Bai Jiaqi even posted a battle post, everyone took turns PK super sexy dance with Haoxiang, people can see the different sides of the goddesses at 8 o'clock, and netizens rioted wildly, praising their sincerity.

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