Dermatologist Huang Jingyu said that everyone is alert to high temperatures such as 60 degrees, but "low temperature burns" should not be ignored. The picture shows "hot erythema" manifested by low temperature burns.

(Provided by Dr. Huang Jingyu)

[Reporter Dong Guanyi/Taipei Report] The weather is cold recently, and everyone has a pack of warm packs, especially the extremities of the human body are most likely to feel cold. Local heating can help blood vessels expand and send more blood to the limbs, so that the hands and feet can also feel the cold warmth.

However, Huang Jingyu, Physician of Qunying Yang Lizhen Huang Jingyu Dermatology Clinic, reminded to pay attention to the occasions when using warm packs. For example, some people will bring warm packs into the bed when they sleep. Low temperature burns can cause "fire erythema", so it is not recommended.

Huang Jingyu said that in addition to the elderly, people with limited mobility or chronic diseases, and abnormal peripheral perception, using warm packs may cause burns, and children such as infants and young children, who are in a deep sleep state, especially those who enter deep sleep after taking sleep aids and sleep aids, are also high risk. risk group.

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Put the warm bag together into the bed and turn over and press down for fear of burns

Some people think that the warm pack is placed far away from themselves, but when they turn over, their hands, thighs, and face are directly pressed against it. Imagine that you are dreaming about Duke Zhou, pressing a warm pack with a temperature of 45 degrees for 15 to 20 If you do not do it well, you will have a first-degree burn on the epidermis. When you find it, remember to pour cold water to cool down first, and see a doctor to get the medicine according to the prescription according to the actual needs.

Will it burn at 45 degrees?

Huang Jingyu explained that everyone is alert to high temperatures such as 60 degrees, but there is another kind of "low temperature burn" that is easily overlooked, which will be encountered when using heating equipment in winter.

"It's like the process of cooking Shufei chicken." At first, I felt that the temperature was not very high and I lost my guard, but after a certain temperature and time, even if the temperature is not so high, it may cause skin damage. "I didn't feel hurt at first, but If it takes more than 30 minutes, it may be really scalded", which is dangerous.

Low-temperature burns are like grid-like plaques appearing in the Shufei chicken process 

He took the "fire erythema" manifested by low temperature burns as an example. This disease is not the same as the "scald" in cognition. It looks like red or brown plaques in the form of nets and grids. Most of them will not blister. It doesn't hurt, it's just slightly itchy, and it's common when the temperature is 43 to 47 degrees and repeated contact for a long time.

In the past, patients with sore shoulders and necks put warm packs on the back of their necks for 20 minutes a day, and there were no burns or blisters. However, after a few weeks of application, network and grid-like plaques began to appear on the neck.

Will I get burned even if I wrap a warm pack with a towel?

Huang Jingyu explained that even if a towel is used, it is attached very tightly, and if the local temperature exceeds 43 degrees, it is also possible to appear intense erythema.

It is different from a first-degree burn. The damaged part is in the microvessels of the dermis, which may appear anywhere in the body.

In addition, not only warm packs, but also laptops may cause intense erythema. For example, to do homework, keep the laptop on the thigh, write for 30 minutes every day, and repeat it for several days, which is equivalent to the thigh receiving the laptop's running time. It is hot, but the patient does not feel very hot, and will be very nervous when he finds plaques on his body suddenly. At this time, he can seek professional specialists to assist in diagnosis and evaluate what may be the cause.

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