"CEO V" live broadcast, set up a scene for the person who won the 1st prize, but there are people who are really right

Just didn't want to reveal himself, ready to ask for a chance to raise his hand to pay respects, cry, apologize to "Nawat", accepting that he was young and knew nothing.

Ready to ask for customer opportunities.

On December 29, 2022, it became a drama issue between "Nawat Isarakraisil", the Miss Grand stage boss.

who carried out evidence stating that Hong Thong hired a man named "Ek" for 5,000 baht to set up a winning 1st prize by allowing Miss Grand to give the prize before Vee Thitapa Thanasappricha, the CEO of the Hongthong platform, went On a famous show, he did not want to answer whether Mr. Ek won the 1st prize or not, but would go to court to provide all the information.

By the way, the lawyer claimed that if he spoke, the words would be our master.

but if still not speaking

We will continue to be masters.

As already presented in the news

Recently, CEO V Live explained the issue by admitting that the chat was dropped.

(Ask employees to comment) It's real, only insiders in this group will know.

Because the last 2 days before the news

Causing their employees to be quite panicked, we were worried, so we asked for help from adults to come and talk to the staff.

This group has been established for a long time.

And it's an encouragement for both myself and the staff.

to confirm that

what happened

We'll fix it all.

How did this chat get out?

Because one old employee

who resigned

He is still in the group, even though he has resigned since July, which we suspect.

Why is the chat dropped?

when investigating

was kicked out of the line group yesterday

which we do not know either

why he is still in the group

However, during the clarification, CEO V cried, saying that V was really sorry (crying) that this had happened.

But V did not want this to happen to the employees.

We want to believe that the company we do is the best.

We didn't know what happened.

Because we parted on good terms.

It was our own carelessness to hire him and trust him to some extent.

I'm really sorry.

It's our fault for trusting him too much.

We hired him for an expensive price of 1.4 hundred thousand.

We quite trust him a lot. 

When asked about the case of Mr. Ek, who won the 1st prize, was he really hired to set up the scene? CEO V said that he would admit to being wrong.

but we confirm that

We have real 1st prize. We have real right people.

But just the customer doesn't reveal

which we have already asked for permission from customers

customer not disclosed

But ready to go to court with us, and Khun Ek is like us giving him a review.

which marketing is provided by us

which Vee agrees

Because V sees that all things he does

we work together as a team

We trust our team to come out with the best.

Including Miss Grand was the first time to get the position.

We want the picture to come out clearly, look wow. Miss Grand takes the position for the first time, there are people who will go and give the award.

But I would like to confirm that Khun Ek, we really set it up for review.

Ready to confirm that

our lottery

Someone actually won the 1st prize, which we went to cash as seen in the picture.

The payment section

V don't know either

which this check is V who goes up by himself

is the same period

When asked if there was evidence of transferring money to the lucky winners in Khun Ek's draw or not, CEO V said there was, of course, but the customer did not want to reveal himself.

But let's go to court.

now accept that

Many customers won the 1st prize with us. They are ready to go to court.

but did not want to launch it in public like this and in many installments where people were right

There is a transfer document.

but did not request anonymity

Our customer was willing to go to court, where he was 6 million baht

, asking why the amount did not match the check. CEO V stated that because the check was subject to 3% tax deduction, but the money we would transfer to the customer was transferred in full 6 million baht. finding out

Go buy the 1st prize lottery, we used to think, but when it's time, we can't do it.

Who will find the 1st prize in time, confirm that there is no purchase, we have a real lottery, which Khun Ek should know about our old marketing.

The winning set has only one installment of Khun Ek.

For other installments, we already have evidence of transferring money to customers.

As for many people asking,

Who is Khun Pornchai? He is a capitalist, one of the many people who invest in V.

Someone invested money and V invested heavily. Profit sharing is an internal matter.

Asked why V was only a witness in the Miss Grand document.

because we are executives who work hard

As for those who manage finances, he gives advice for banks, money transfers, or other legal matters.

who support v

which V is the sole owner of Hongthong

The rest of you are partners who invested in.

Then CEO V raised his hand to pay respect and stated that he apologized and Miss Grand.

where this happened

We are unaware of the situation

We were so young that we weren't that good at thinking.

We may have made a mistake, I apologize, including all customers (crying). V asked for a chance to confirm that Hongthong really has lotteries.

I want to apologize to everyone that this happened.

Sorry P'Nawat

And all of Miss Grand Including customers Or all those who get into this story

V may be wrong this time.

think too little

or use impolite words

I apologize to everyone.

I apologize to Nawat.

and Miss Grand

and thanks to everyone who listened

Thank you old customers who still support V.

Until we grow up to this size

Thank you for letting us clarify. Thank you.