Today, December 28, the stars do not recommend lending someone their things to representatives of all zodiac signs, but for three of them such generosity is especially undesirable.

Aries (21.03 - 20.04)

Aries can rightly be called the most greedy sign of the zodiac - they can, figuratively speaking, take off their last shirt if they are asked to do so.

Today will be no exception - they will be ready to share anything with a close friend, but the stars strongly advise them not to do this: otherwise, they may never see the thing they were asked to simply "wear" again.

Cancer (22.06 - 22.07)

Cancers do not suffer from greed and willingly share with others what they have, but most often they do not even suspect what consequences their kindness can lead to.

The person to whom they will give something from their wardrobe or purse today may - intentionally or unintentionally, completely unaware of such a possibility - take away the talent that has been accompanying them lately - you should not risk it.

Scorpio (October 24 - November 22)

Today it is undesirable for Scorpios to lend money to anyone.

The thing is that each person has his own relationship with this resource, and if at this moment he found himself in a quandary, then he did something wrong - he made a mistake in something.

She must fix everything herself, and not with the help of representatives of the sign, otherwise she herself will not return to a full-fledged cash flow, and she will drag the one who helped her with her.

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