[Reporter Yang Xinhan/Taipei Report] Ai Fukuhara has been silent in the community for more than 2 months, until she finally spoke out on the 26th of this month, and posted a photo of the Christmas tree on Weibo. In fact, she has been quite low-key recently. When participating in the China-Japan diplomatic relations event in July, the interviewee revealed his recent situation, saying that he was suffering from insomnia, but fortunately he survived in the end.

Fukuhara loves Christmas, and he never forgets to post articles to show his presence.

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Ai Fukuhara said in an interview in September: "I miss my Chinese friends and family members very much. When I was in the most difficult time in the past two or three years, it was my Chinese friends who encouraged me. I also want to return my gratitude to everyone. , I couldn’t sleep many nights in the past two or three years, but fortunately I survived all of them. I believe that friends in China, everyone has different difficulties. I believe everyone will survive. We will survive together. Work hard, and I also hope that my dear Chinese friends, I hope that the epidemic will pass as soon as possible, and I can meet you." Kuang shouted to Chinese netizens.

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In fact, after Fukuhara Ai and Jiang Hongjie divorced, in the past two years, she only operated Weibo, which is commonly used by Chinese people. Facebook and IG stopped updating. Said: "My Christmas tree, see you next year!" Posted a photo of the Christmas tree, which seemed to be a preview of next year's plan, and surfaced to announce "the next step."

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