▲Photo sharing is a common way for children to communicate on the Internet; the picture is a situational photo, and the characters in the picture have nothing to do with this article.

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●Case 1: A salesman in Kaohsiung used communication software to meet a girl, gained trust and became a boyfriend and girlfriend, and then encouraged him to take nude photos for him to admire.

Later, he was forced to make masturbation videos, and the parents learned that they would call the police.

●Case 2: A truck driver in Changhua posted an advertisement on the Internet looking for a model to endorse breast enhancement products, luring a girl to take private photos to apply for the job, and then threatening a sex transaction. He was severely sentenced by a judge for his crime.

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●Case 3: A plumber turned into a big sister on the Internet, ran a slimming community to attract primary and middle school students to join, and defrauded nude photos on the grounds of looking at their body shape. The police followed the line and found more than 10 victims.

Since the Act on the Prevention and Control of Sexual Exploitation of Children came into effect, according to the statistics of the number of cases reported by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the types of sexual exploitation, it has been found that the cases of "taking intimate photos and leaking them out" have been increasing year by year. Unit headaches.

Afraid of Video Leakage, Sexual Exploitation Incidents Rise

Inquiring into the reason, it is mainly because the Internet is developed and 3C products are widely used, and "photo sharing" has become a way of socializing on the Internet.

Many children are immature and lack sufficient judgment, and fall into the trap under the offensive of netizens who are emotional and lure them for profit.

The victim is prone to antisocial personality in the future

Once the private photos are obtained, the other party immediately blackmails them.

The child had no choice but to let the video be at his mercy because he was afraid that the video would be spread indiscriminately.

This is the criminal method adopted by the mastermind of the "House N" incident that caused a sensation in South Korea.

The trauma of sexual exploitation can have a profound impact on a child's self-identity, emotional development, relationship building, interpersonal interactions, and worldview.

Studies have found that the victims are prone to antisocial personality, substance abuse, and mental illness in the future.

To prevent sexual exploitation from the leak of private images, experts suggest that parents should pay more attention to their children and establish a good communication channel so that they can have "steady love".

Parents should pay more attention to teaching the principles of protection

In addition, you need to pay attention to their use of 3C and online dating, teach them how to protect themselves, and truly implement the "four no principles", that is, "do not ask others to take or send private images", "do not follow the temptation to take personal private images" , "Do not send messages containing private images", "Do not hold and forward other people's private images".

More importantly, if you accidentally become a victim, don't be tolerant. You should inform your parents, teachers, or call 113 protection hotline or "iWIN hotline" (02-2577-5118) for help. Social workers will provide emotional support and judicial companionship And referral to psychological counseling resources to assist in physical and mental recovery.

(The author is a public clinical psychologist)

▲You can call the "iWIN hotline" for help and help remove private images of children online.

(Photo courtesy/Ke Junming)

▲The appeal process of the iWIN network content protection agency.

(Photo courtesy/Ke Junming)

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