When Ashin (2nd from right) sang, AKIRA (2nd from left) danced beside her so that she could devote herself to it.

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[Reporter Chen Huiling/Taipei Report] Yesterday, May 25th (25th), on Christmas Day, I shared a photo of Ashin holding hands with the Christmas goddess Lin Chiling at the concert in the past, and wrote "She is single today in 2016". Netizens have enough appetite to speculate that Lin Chiling will appear in the "Noah's Ark 10th Anniversary Evolution Reissue Limited Edition Concert" on Mayday last night. Unexpectedly, Chiling's sister really "appeared" on the big screen last night, and the audience was excited.

Mayday invited AKIRA (fifth from right) and the two forces of Fanglang to take a group photo together.

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Ashin said at the concert that he was very sad on Christmas in 2016, because the concert guest Lin Chiling and the four Mayday members had "love hugs" that day, and he was the only one left out. Martha also stimulated Ashin, It was said that Lin Chiling's "Love Hug" was out of print. After all, she was married and had children. Guanyou comforted Ashin, saying that the members of the troupe could also give him hugs of love. Unexpectedly, Ashin immediately rejected him, saying that he would rather hug the audience. Being complained by the members, 25,000 fans, may have to hold it until the next morning.

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Mayday sang, Lin Chiling beautifully appeared on the big screen and surprised the audience.

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But the bigger surprise last night was that Lin Chiling's husband "National Brother-in-Law" AKIRA led "The Second Force of Wandering" EXILE THE SECOND as the guest of Mayday. Satisfied, he said, "Indirect hug."

When Mayday and the prodigal forces sang "OAOA", AKIRA danced beside Ashin very seriously and worked hard. After the performance, Mayday also posted a post and shared a group photo, saying: "Thank you sister Zhiling, brother-in-law, and the prodigal forces EXILE Blessings and fun from THE SECOND!"

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