[Reporter Chen Huiling/Taipei Report] Ai Fukuhara has not made a statement on her only social Weibo for 2 months. Today (26) she suddenly updated her recent situation, which surprised netizens. She did not show her personal photos, but only posted one Christmas tree.

As for ex-husband Jiang Hongjie, his family decorated him with a "Christmas head" for Christmas.

Ai Fukuhara is rare right to share recent developments in the community.

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Ai Fukuhara posted today: "My Christmas tree, see you next year." It should be just after Christmas, and the Christmas tree at home is also ready to be put away. Although it is a day late, netizens still told her Happy Christmas!

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Fukuhara Aixiu unfurled the Christmas tree at home and said "see you next year".

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Jiang Hongjie shared a photo of himself with Christmas decorations on his head, including bells and Christmas tree-shaped decorations, which looked very funny.

Jiang Hongjie's head is full of Christmas decorations.

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