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Nowadays everyone tries different ways to make their marriage special and memorable.

Some surprise people by making a different theme plan (surprise wedding theme), while some attract everyone's attention with a banging entry in the wedding.

Nowadays people like to get pre wedding shoot as well as post wedding photoshoot done before and after marriage.

Many such videos are seen on social media these days, as is being seen recently in this viral video, but many times something happens in some videos, which really makes that moment. Makes it memorable.

In this video going viral, something happens with the bride clad in a heavy lehenga, which she will probably remember for the rest of her life.

After watching the video, you too will be laughing.

In this viral video, the bride in a heavy lehenga is seen dancing to the song 'Mera Dil Yeh Pukare Aaja'.

Looking at the bride in the video, it can be guessed that her lehenga is really heavy, that is why the next moment she is seen 'all four'.

Further in the video you will see that the bride is unable to handle the weight of her lehenga and the very next moment she falls down on the ground.

After this, the bride herself starts laughing loudly.

After watching the video, you too will be forced to laugh out loud.

watch video here 

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Although more than one video related to the wedding ceremony keeps appearing on the internet, but this video is really amazing.

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