Archie gets a "special" Christmas present from the late Queen.

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Many people choose to exchange gifts on Christmas, especially children are always very excited about unwrapping gifts. The British royal family also has a tradition of exchanging gifts. Prince Harry used to attend James Corden ( James Corden revealed on his late-night show that her son Archie received a "strange" Christmas present from the late Queen Elizabeth II that was Meghan's idea.

Members of the British royal family have a tradition of exchanging gifts at Christmas.

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Members of the British royal family have a tradition of exchanging gifts, and it is "no funny, no gift"!

According to British media reports, members of the British royal family will celebrate Christmas at Sandringham House, and they will buy each other "prank gifts". Usually after dinner, it is the time to exchange gifts. Adults can look forward to receiving a funny gift. gifts, and the gifts that children usually receive each year are very common.

Prince Harry revealed that he had sent a shower cap with "Ain't life a bitch" to the late Queen, and Princess Kate also sent a model with "Grow a girl friend" to Prince Harry who was single at the time.

The documentaries of Harry and Meghan also gave the public a glimpse of Archie's growth in recent years.

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The late Queen Elizabeth II bought a waffle maker for her great-grandson Archie on Christmas as a gift. Prince Harry mentioned on the show: “When my grandmother asked Archie what he wanted for Christmas, Meghan said it was a waffle maker.” Interestingly, this gift is quite practical. Harry said that Meghan uses it for breakfast every day. The waffle maker made a wonderful muffin mix that Archie, then nearly two, loved so much he literally woke up saying "waffle" in the morning.

Meghan asked the Queen for a waffle maker as Archie's Christmas present.

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