The person started running like a horse on the stage, then started dancing to the song Jimmy Jimmy

Be it a wedding or a party, every celebration seems incomplete without dance.

These days there is a lot of dance videos on social media.

Many funny dance videos go viral every day.

Some of whom are such that people do not get tired of praising them and some are such that people cannot control their laughter after seeing them.

One such funny dance video is now going viral, seeing which you too will enjoy this dance a lot.

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In this video going viral, you can see that many guests have come to the wedding and all are sitting on the chairs in front of the stage.

There is a floor built nearby where a man wearing coat pants is running and circling very fast on Bappi Lahiri's popular song Jimmy Jimmy.

Some people are standing around, who are also clapping on this circling dance of the person.

While circling, the person comes in the middle and then starts dancing in a very energetic way.

The person's dance is very good and he is trying to master each step.

People are getting very happy seeing her dance.

The person is so engrossed in dancing that he has forgotten that the people around him are watching him.

People are liking this dance video so much that people are sharing it with each other.

This video has been shared on Facebook by a user named Rohit Vishwas on his account.

The video has received more than 2 thousand comments.

While making a funny comment, a user wrote – This dance is less like a well of death.

While praising, the other wrote – This person has failed even Mithun.

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