"The construction of forest-parks consisting of terraces and green corridors has started".

APA informs that this was said by Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources Mukhtar Babayev in his report entitled "Ecological Aspects of the Great Return" at the event dedicated to the "I State Program on the Great Return to the Territories Freed from Occupation of the Republic of Azerbaijan".

The minister said that together with the Republic of Turkey, the works on the creation of the "Azerbaijan-Turkey International Forestry Training Center", "Smart Nursery" and "Friendship Forest" Complex have been started in Jabrayil region: "In the nursery areas here, 2 million seedlings will be grown during the year, especially in Karabakh and Eastern Zangezur will give a great boost to forest restoration measures in the economic regions."

M. Babayev noted that the construction of forest-parks consisting of terraces and green corridors has started in Jabrayil, Zangilan, Fuzuli and Aghdam regions.

The Minister spoke about the activities of the specially protected natural areas located in the region, the measures taken to restore the biological diversity, water bioresources and natural monuments: "In cooperation with the IDEA Public Union and the World Wildlife Fund, the history of some animal species, gazelle and bezoar goat at the initial stage Reintroduction projects have been started, and 33 gazelles have already been released into Jabrayil region this year. In

order to restore and increase water bioresources in the region, various types of baby fish are continuously released into Basitchay, Kondalanchay, Bargushadchay and Hekari rivers, as well as Sugovushan and Khachinchay reservoirs.