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In 2019, the artist Ionislav Yotov, better known as Toto from "Skandau" became a father for the first time shortly after the artist Krisko.

Throughout the pregnancy, it was not clear that the blonde was pregnant, because both she and her partner hid this stellar news.

The two fell in love after Jonislav's exit from "VIP Brother" and have been inseparable ever since.

Before that, Toto gained more popularity with his touching story of breaking up with his long-time girlfriend Yana, which he sang in his song "Foreign Smiles", writes the Vbox7 channel.

Toto from "SkandaU" had a secret wedding

In March of this year, it became clear that the two became parents again - this time to a girl.

Kristin Petrinska then shared on social networks a touching photo from a photo shoot where the two posed together with their heirs.

She is seen holding the newborn in her arms while her partner, who kisses her gently on the back of the head, holds their first-born son with one hand.

Both children's faces remain hidden from the lens, however, as that of the nappy is cut out of the frame and almost 3-year-old Dominic's back is turned.

Even then it became clear that the two would be among the stars who would hide their children.

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During all these months, the young mother often releases family photos, but each time with hidden faces.

Well, the Christmas miracle did happen.

She herself released a festive shot of the two children and on behalf of Toto, in which we can almost see their faces.

This is a great achievement for them - most likely they have been waiting for a suitable moment for this.

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