During the air pollution season, people wear masks for protection.

(Photo by reporter Cai Shuyuan)

[Reporter Cai Shuyuan/Taichung Report] The epidemic situation is slowing down. This month, the ban on masks has been lifted outdoors. The sales volume of Zhongwei masks, a major domestic mask manufacturer, has not decreased. It can be seen that in the past three years of the epidemic, people have developed the habit of wearing masks. In addition to air pollution seasons and flu seasons, people still wear masks tightly outdoors. Doctors also reminded Christmas, New Year's Eve and Lunar New Year that there are many group activities. You still have to wear the mask well and fully.

Pediatrician Shi Shenghuan said that although the pneumonia epidemic in Wuhan has slowed down in Taiwan, it is facing severe epidemics in neighboring China. In addition, influenza has not been widespread in the past three years, and it may cause epidemics under the immune debt. To prevent epidemics of Wuhan pneumonia and influenza, in addition to vaccination, wear Good masks, frequent hand washing, and reducing going to public places are still the way to prevent epidemics.

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Zhongwei Marketing Manager Zhou Lingyi said that it is estimated that the sales volume of masks will drop after the lifting of the outdoor mask order, but it will not be cut off immediately. The epidemic in the past three years has made people develop the habit of wearing masks, coupled with factors such as the ongoing Wuhan pneumonia epidemic and influenza, As well as the winter air pollution season, there is still a very high demand for masks. The sales volume of Zhongwei masks has not declined, and the order for masks has been full until the first quarter of next year. Back to the phenomenon that people did not wear masks before the epidemic.

In response to air pollution, Zhongwei has released anti-smog masks.

(Photographed by reporter Cai Shuyuan)

Regarding the air pollution season, Zhou Lingyi said that most people think that the N95 mask has the best anti-smog effect, but N95 is mainly used by high-risk personnel such as medical institutions, and is not suitable for ordinary people to use for a long time. Zhongwei launched a PM2.5 anti-smog mask. The same level of filter material as N95, but thinner and more breathable than N95, it is more suitable for ordinary people to wear for a long time.

Huang Zhenming said that six relatives and friends in his family have successively suffered from lung adenocarcinoma, and he also found out that he had lung nodules in the health check. He was worried that air pollution would affect his health, so he began to read a lot of related research.

(Photo by reporter Cai Shuyuan)

Huang Zhenming, the general manager of Taiwan Putsi, said that he worked in a technology company after graduating from the Medical Materials Research Institute of Chenggong University in 2007. Later, six relatives and friends in his family who did not smoke or drink suffered from lung adenocarcinoma one after another, and he was also working on a healthy diet. After checking out lung nodules, I was worried about the impact of air pollution on my health. I started to read a lot of relevant research, and invested in finding ways to protect myself and my family. I also started my own business and introduced Dutch patented anti-smog gauze, which is certified by the European Union (Allergy Foundation) and is effective Relieve allergies and make window screens, which are now used in 200 construction projects across Taiwan. This year, we will further use the electrostatic principle of anti-smog gauze to absorb suspended particles PM2.5 in the air, and develop new anti-smog masks, which can more effectively block PM2. .5, slow allergies.

Taiwan Putus released anti-smog masks.

(Photo by reporter Cai Shuyuan)

Shi Shenghuan said that the medical masks used by ordinary people can block about 80% of viruses and bacteria, and have a partial blocking effect on air pollution such as PM2. It is not easy. It is recommended that when air pollution strikes, it is best to reduce going out. If you must be outdoors for a long time, the anti-smog mask may be slightly more comfortable than the N95 mask, but you should still choose a qualified mask.

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