Actor Leonardo DiCaprio was revealed to be dating a girl younger than 25.


[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio once threatened that he would not date girls over the age of 25. Unexpectedly, it was reported that he had an affair with 27-year-old hot model Gigi Hadid Out of love, as if planning to close the mountain, but after only 4 months of dating, he was photographed dating a 23-year-old girl, and he couldn't escape the curse of 25-year-old love.

Leonardo was photographed dating 23-year-old hot model Victoria Lamas (pictured).

(reposted from IG)

Leonardo was recently photographed by foreign paparazzi having a monthly meeting with 23-year-old actress Victoria Lamas (Victoria Lamas). Not only did the two have dinner together in Hollywood, but they also boarded the same car later. Talking and laughing, Leonardo drove to take Victoria to other places.

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Gigi Hadid (third from left) is happy to go out with friends.

(reposted from IG)

The old love Gigi Hadid did not respond to this matter, and only posted photos of skiing with friends on the social platform, which shows that his mood has not been greatly affected; it can be seen that Leonardo, although short-lived He broke his own rules of communication, but within 4 months, he still only had young girls under the age of 25.

Leonardo DiCaprio, 48, has a new girl as he enjoys cozy date with actress Victoria Lamas, 23

— Daily Mail UK (@DailyMailUK) December 21, 2022

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