[Reporter Chen Huiling/Taipei Report] Ai Fukuhara has been sharing less and less recent news in the community recently, but yesterday (22) during the winter solstice, she suddenly followed the handsome male star again.

As for her ex-husband Jiang Hongjie, she seems to have more feelings at the end of the year and the end of the year. Recently, she said "miss you" to those who follow her from a distance.

Ai Fukuhara's every move has been concerned.

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Yesterday Chinese actor Xiao Zhan shared many handsome photos of himself in the community, and wrote "Happy Winter Solstice", which really brought warmth to fans, with more than 4.53 million likes, and Ai Fukuhara was also discovered by netizens, and it started again yesterday Follow Xiao Zhan's social account.

In fact, in March this year, Fukuhara Ai was found to be following Xiao Zhan, but for some reason, Weibo popped up again yesterday with a notification saying "Fukuhara Ai has followed Xiao Zhan", perhaps she accidentally unfollowed Xiao Zhan's account during the period.

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Xiao Zhan wishes fans a happy winter solstice.

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Xiao Zhan, whom Ai Fukuhara admires, besides being the lead singer of the band, has also acted in "The Rest of My Life, Please Advice", which fascinates many fans. I wonder if Ai Fukuhara admires him because of the drama?

Xiao Zhan recently attended the "Weibo Night", and his video traffic on the red carpet was as high as 140 million, ranking first. No wonder he also became a fan of Ai Fukuhara.

Jiang Hongjie.

(File photo, photo by reporter Pan Shaotang)

As for Jiang Hongjie, it has been a long time since he has been able to see the person he cares about. Recently, he wrote "miss you" in the limited-time news feed, and the feeling of missing is indescribable.

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