Haozi (left) and Dapei, who love sweet glutinous rice balls, ate hot glutinous rice balls on the day of winter solstice video recording.

(Provided by PTV Taiwanese)

[Reporter Lin Xinying/Taipei Report] PTV Taiwanese's two signature programs "Very Great" and "Mr. HiHi Tour Guide" are rushing to record for the second season. Today (22nd) coincides with the winter solstice, the TV station They also specially prepared hot glutinous rice balls and sent them to the studios of the two shows to cheer on the hosts Haozi, Li Peiyu, Cai Changxian and Mi Kebai respectively.

Seeing the warm and appropriate glutinous rice balls, Mi Kebai, who attaches great importance to the sense of ceremony, shared professionally: "I must eat glutinous rice balls every year, because I think the glutinous rice balls are the atmosphere of the festival. Every year when I go back, I will wait for the glutinous rice balls with my mother and eat them." sweet soup."

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Faced with the low temperature in the cold winter, Haozi couldn't hide his excitement and said: "I really like winter, because winter is about to disappear, and there may be only summer in the future, so I cherish the seasonal restrictions of this season, and I can eat hot pot in winter It can be paired with sorghum, ramen with sake, and it can be paired with different seasonal wines according to the weather.”

And Li Peiyu, who likes small animals, said with love: "As long as it is winter, I will definitely sort out old sheets or quilts and other supplies for the dog park, because I worked as a volunteer in the dog park last year and the year before the year before, and I know that they are in great need, and I happen to be able to do it too. Remove the old and bring in the new."

After the winter solstice, we will bid farewell to this year and welcome 2023 in less than a week. Cai Changxian summed up the achievements of this year and cheered himself up, saying: "Completed the drama, the movie, the wrong train in the musical, the second season is very amazing, I feel really amazing.”

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