Liu Yifei attended the film festival, wearing a "water blue gauze dress" fairy sister's upper body.

Actress Liu Yifei appeared in Macau yesterday (21st) to attend the 14th Macau International Film Festival. Despite the cold temperature, she stepped onto the red carpet in a water-blue tube top gauze dress. She was so beautiful!

Sure enough, with the blessing of fairy energy, she also won the best actress in a TV series with "Meng Hua Lu", becoming the biggest focus of the night.

Liu Yifei attended the Macau Film Festival and won the Best Actress Award in a TV Series.

The Macau International Film Festival held an awards ceremony on the 21st. Actresses such as Zhang Ziyi and Liu Yifei attended the awards ceremony. Among them, Liu Yifei, nicknamed "Sister Immortal" by fans, was once again in full bloom, wearing a water blue tube top gauze dress with the same color thin The gauze cloak is on the stage, and the tulle flutters as she walks, which is even more beautiful.

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Zhang Ziyi showed up to support the film festival.

Liu Yifei's aqua blue gauze dress made her feel immortal.

Sure enough, with the blessing of fairy energy, her fortune was greatly opened. That night, she also won the best actress in a TV series with her brilliant performance in "Meng Hua Lu". When she gave a speech on stage, she emotionally expressed that filming a TV series actually takes a long time. It took quite a long time, so I would like to thank the crew for their care all the way, so that she can concentrate on the role.

The weather was really cold, so Liu Yifei packed her clothes tightly after walking the red carpet.

Liu Yifei won Best Actress in a TV Series for "Meng Hua Lu".

Just a few words not only showed her caring, but also won praises from a large number of fans: "The fairy sister is really beautiful at heart", "I have no resistance to my sister", "Everyone knows that Liu Yifei is an adjective", "Liu Yifei is really worth it"!

Liu Yifei's aqua blue dress made her feel immortal.

Liu Yifei's beautiful photos made netizens couldn't help calling Liu Yifei an adjective.

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