Lin Mingyu pointed out that as a winter solstice supplement, you can eat Sishen Soup consisting of lotus seeds, Gorgon fruit, Poria cocos, and yam. It has a mild nature and flavor and is suitable for the whole family to eat together.

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[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report] Today (22nd) winter solstice report, this season is suitable for tonic, so what kind of food can be eaten for tonic?

In this regard, Lin Mingyu, director of the Yuqun Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic, said that black sesame and walnuts are suitable ingredients for winter solstice health preservation, and Sishen soup is mild in nature and flavor, and it is also suitable for the whole family to eat together.

He also mentioned that tonic at this time can nourish vitality, help nutrient absorption, enhance physical fitness and disease resistance.

Lin Mingyu posted on his Facebook fan page "Yuqun Traditional Chinese Medicine Physician Lin Mingyu" and blogged that the winter solstice is the day with the shortest day and the coldest weather among the 24 solar terms.

The winter solstice is a major turning point for the ebb and flow of yin and yang in nature, and people with poor physique can easily get sick at this time.

From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, the human body is less active in autumn and winter, and nutrients are easier to absorb and store. After the winter solstice, the days are getting longer and the nights are getting shorter. .

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Lin Mingyu pointed out that allergic diseases and chronic diseases are prone to attack when the weather is cold, which is mainly related to the cold evil spirit in the body.

In ancient times, traditional Chinese medicine would use the "dog days" of the summer solstice or the "three nine days" of the winter solstice in accordance with the seasons, and apply Chinese medicine on acupoints to help expel cold pathogens in the body and achieve the effect of curing diseases.

In the same way, taking advantage of the winter solstice to take good care of yourself with traditional Chinese medicine can lay a solid foundation for your health in the coming year.

How to make up for the winter solstice?

Lin Mingyu suggested that black sesame, walnuts, etc. are all suitable ingredients for keeping warm during the winter solstice.

The Sishen Soup is composed of lotus seeds, Gorgon fruit, Poria cocos, and yam. It is mild in taste and suitable for the whole family to eat together. For those who are weak or cold after childbirth or illness, you can cook the soup with Shiquan Dabu Fang and appropriate mushroom ingredients. Promote metabolism, nourish and strengthen the body.

Lin Mingyu mentioned that sesame oil chicken, ginger duck, and mutton stove are usually relatively dry and hot. If you feel unable to sleep after taking supplements, have acne, broken mouth, constipation or bleeding from hemorrhoids, it means that the supplements are overdone.

Suffering from colds, skin diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc., it is best to consult a doctor to judge the constitution, so as to make supplements safer and healthier.

In addition, it is customary to eat glutinous rice balls during the winter solstice. Different types of glutinous rice balls can be selected for different physiques. People with a hot constitution can eat some yam glutinous rice balls. Be restrained.

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