Healthy Flours: Include breads made of different flours in your diet. 

Winter Diet:

In the winter season, efforts are made to include those things which are good for health.

The biggest worry in this season is about getting cold.

In such a situation, these flours also work to provide heat, which helps in maintaining good health.

The body also gets many nutrients from these rotis.

Know here which are those flours whose rotis are tasty and also perfect for making in winters. 

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Healthy Flour For Body 


There is hardly anything better to eat in winter than Makke ki roti and mustard greens.

Maize flour is a powerhouse of nutrients, in which vitamins C, A and K, beta carotene and selenium are also found, bread made from it can be eaten not only with mustard greens but also with other vegetables.

Apart from this, roti made of this flour can also be eaten to increase the immunity of the body. 


Whole grain millet bread looks black in color but it is also very tasty to eat.

Fiber, potassium, iron and omega-3 are found in this roti.

Along with this, this flour is also gluten free.

Bajre ki roti is also good for warming the body. 

High tide 

Jowar flour can also be used to make gluten free roti.

Rotis can be made and eaten from jowar flour for better digestion, controlling sugar levels and keeping the heart healthy.

Along with this, these rotis help in strengthening immunity. 


Generally, chapatis made of buckwheat flour are eaten during fasting.

But, chapatis can be made from this flour even on normal days.

Buckwheat flour is rich in Vitamin B complex.

The amount of fiber present in it also keeps the stomach full for a long time. 

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