A retired Belarusian soldier became a suspect in a criminal case of "treason".

He faces up to 15 years in prison.

A criminal case under the article about "treason against the state" was opened against Dmitriy Gulin

, writes "Brestia Vysna"


The story about him was shown by the state TV channel "Brest".

It is reported that the man served in the Armed Forces until 2012.

After his resignation, the officer lived and worked in Tashkent.

After 2020, according to the version of the authorities, Gulin allegedly "became an agent of the Ukrainian special services", for which he was detained.

In the video shown on the state TV channel, Dmitry was probably forced to say that Ukrainians were interested in the location of Russian units on the territory of the Republic of Belarus, what they do and where they launch missiles.

Gulin was charged under Article 356 of the Criminal Code (treason against the state), according to the video.

From the first days of the full-scale war, Lukashenka's regime took the side of Russia, provided its troops with training grounds and deployment positions.

Russians were treated in Belarusian hospitals and rockets were launched from Belarusian territory.

Belarusian citizens are detained and tortured en masse for taking photos of Russian military equipment and anti-war statements.