How To Maintain Period Hygiene: It is necessary to maintain cleanliness during periods. 

special things

  • Cleanliness should be taken care of during periods.

  • Dirt can become the cause of infections.

  • Some tips will come in handy.

Menstrual Hygiene:

It is very important to adopt clean and healthy menstrual hygiene.

Girls are often worried about periods and obviously want to overcome it as soon as possible, but this does not mean that periods should be ignored.

Many times girls keep the same pad for a long time, sometimes they use cloth but do not clean it properly.

These seemingly small mistakes become the cause of major infections.

Know here which infections can occur if proper hygiene is not adopted in periods and how to take care of Period Hygiene. 

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Bad Menstrual Hygiene and Infections |

Poor Menstrual Hygiene And Infections  

yeast infection 

Yeast infection can also occur due to poor menstrual hygiene.

Due to yeast infection, excessive itching is felt which makes it difficult to get up and sit. 

fungal infection 

Fungal infections can occur if you do not use clean sanitary napkins or cloth.

In this fungal infection, fungus starts growing on the skin. 

urogenital infections 

A study by an organization called Iris International revealed that girls who use something other than clean sanitary napkins are more at risk of getting urogenital infections. 

How to maintain menstrual hygiene 

  • To maintain menstrual hygiene or period hygiene, it is necessary to take care of some important things.

    First of all, keep in mind that only after cleaning the hands properly, apply or remove a new pad. 

  • Change whatever pad or tampon you are using regularly.

    Change the pad in 6 to 7 hours.

    The risk of infections increases if the pad is not changed for a very long time. 

  • Cleanses the skin.

    Clean your vulva with water at least 2 to 3 times a day whenever you go to the bathroom.

    Take care that there is no dirt and stickiness on the skin. 

  • Many hygiene products are available in the market, don't get fooled by them.

    Water is enough to clean the vaginal skin.

    You do not need to use any kind of soap or liquid soap. 

  • While cleaning the skin, keep in mind that you clean the skin from front to back and not from back to front.

    This small tip will save you from major infections. 

  • It is also important to keep in mind that during periods you should not wear too tight or synthetic clothes.

    Your skin needs a lot of breathing during this time.

    Wear loose and cotton clothes so that you feel comfortable and fresh.

  • In the end, keep in mind whether you are throwing the sanitary napkins properly or not.

    Wrap the pads in newspaper and throw them in the dustbin.

    Do not try to flush them or bury them in the soil. 

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