At the time, Charles was only the heir to the British throne and was married to Diana, Princess of Wales.

This card, dated 1987, shows the Prince and Princess with their two children, Princes William and Harry.

Diana is wearing a light-colored jumper with an interesting print and a milky white maxi skirt, her husband Charles is wearing a white striped shirt and black trousers, and brothers William and Harry are wearing white shirts and light blue shorts.

The signature on the card reads: "We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year."

Prince Charles and Princess Diana's Christmas card / Photo: Getty Images

We previously showed you the cards of Prince William and Princess Kate.

The couple was photographed during a walk with their children.

Welsh Christmas card / Photo: Getty Images

And also a card of Meghan and Harry, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

For their postcard, they chose a photo from a social ceremony in New York, where they received an award for the fight against racism.

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