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Merry Christmas, Christmas is here, Santa Claus is coming, what gift do you want this year?

Have you been obedient?

Although Christmas is not a traditional festival in Taiwan, due to globalization and commercialization, every late November, various media will present a Christmas atmosphere, and Christmas decorations can be seen everywhere in department stores, hypermarkets, etc., to remind everyone The festivities and gifts can begin.

Even though the stocking and presents are no longer needed for my children as they grow older, I still love Christmas with its joy, wonder and anticipation.

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One Christmas Eve, my youngest son suddenly said to me: "Mom, can you hang up Christmas stockings for me? I want to have presents on Christmas morning..." Looking at the playful smiling face, I thought of this Growing up listening to stories, it wasn't until the fourth grade that I realized the growth process of the child whose parents prepared gifts. I was so glad that I always insisted on telling stories for my children.

Regarding whether there is a Santa Claus, it is really a big test for children and parents.

Look at the two books with the same title "Is there really a Santa Claus?"

"(Han Sheng, Daying), you can understand that this question is really interesting.

When kids keep asking Santa how does he know what they want?

Why wait until they are asleep?

How can he not die?

The questions are endless... and how does Santa Claus live in the heart of a child who insists on believing?

Parents who can't figure out how to respond to their children, and want to have a conversation with their children through this festival, can find these two books to explore with their children.

Behind Christmas, there is a deep meaning about love and sharing. "Empty Christmas Stockings" (Water Drops) is just such a warm story.

Parents are bound to be pissed off by naughty children sometimes. Even when Santa Claus is sharing presents, he can’t help but let the naughty children’s Christmas stockings be empty, but this time they accidentally made a mistake. Let the well-behaved children have no gifts, what should they do?

The story takes a turning point here, but something wonderful happens in the end. It is very suitable for parents and children to read together!

"A Very Busy, Very Busy Santa" (Qinglin) responds to the questions of children all over the world. It vividly and interestingly depicts the daily life of Santa Claus with pictures and texts, and cleverly integrates it with related activities in different months and seasons. Hot air balloons can find good children with binoculars.

Another item is to measure the weight. I am afraid that the sled will not be able to fly if it is too heavy, and I am afraid that it will not conform to the image if it is too thin, and the picture of swimming in a jumpsuit and dressing up for myself, no matter adults or children, will definitely laugh when you see it .

In addition to satisfying the curiosity about Santa Claus and the desire to receive Christmas gifts, different from ordinary stories, "I am a Christmas tree" (step by step) conveys dreams and beliefs through a small fir tree.

This little tree firmly believes that it will become a Christmas tree. In order to realize its dream, it ignores the words of the old tree, let alone uproots it and runs after the tree-carrying train. Put in a cold sweat.

Whether it can become a Christmas tree in the end, and how to balance dreams and reality are all good stories in line with the spirit of Christmas.

(The author is a senior story mother and the host of "How! MW go podcast")

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