Even though the mask order has been lifted, many people still wear masks as a habit and become mask dependent.

(European News Agency)

[Reporter Wei Lingru/Taipei Report] Although Taiwan has lifted the ban on wearing masks outdoors, many people still wear them on the road. Apart from the fact that the epidemic has not completely dissipated and they want multiple layers of protection, there should be many of them I really want to wear a mask.

Japan has the term "だてマスク" (だてマスク), which means that wearing a mask is not to prevent epidemics or influenza viruses, pollen, dust, etc., but for other purposes; even though the mask order has been lifted, they have worn it. Masks become a habit, and people who become mask dependent.

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According to the analysis, there will be "Date masks" because there are many personal psychological and social factors, because during the three years of the epidemic, they found that wearing masks will give them some sense of security or benefits, and they have become dependent.

Many people think that masks have the effect of "reducing age". Especially for mature women and mature men, wearing a mask and being called sister or brother sounds good.

Another effect is that many expressions can be hidden under the mask, so you don't have to force yourself to smile or smile bitterly, and you can relax a lot.

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