Every winter season, many people want to nourish and warm their bodies.

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[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report] As the saying goes, "If you don't hide essence in winter, you will be sick in spring", "Tonic in winter, and fight tigers in spring". Every winter, many people want tonic to warm their bodies, hoping to be able to Take a good rest in winter and prepare for next year.

However, do you really know what you're making up and are you making it right?

Zheng Anbin, director of the integration of Chinese and Western medicine at Yiyun Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic in Taoyuan, said that it is okay to eat some medicinal food in cold weather, but not everyone is suitable. Patients with chronic diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, gout, inflammation and infection of the body, skin diseases and autoimmune diseases are recommended to try it Just stop, don't eat too much.

Zheng Anbin posted an article on the Facebook fan page "Traditional Chinese Medicine Rehabilitation Confidant Physician Zheng Anbin" pointed out that winter tonic was advocated in ancient times because of the lack of supplies at that time. In addition to rewarding yourself, it also supplemented the protein and calories that are usually seldom taken in. However, most modern people are well-nourished , If you usually eat a lot of fish and meat, you don't need to add extra supplements.

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However, if the weather is cold, if you want to eat some medicinal food to nourish and satisfy your appetite, there is no problem, just don’t overdo it. After all, most of the commercially available medicinal food is high-fat, high-purine, and high-calorie dishes.

Common ones include stewed pork ribs with medicine, ginger duck, sesame oil chicken, mutton stove, etc. In addition to medicinal materials, wine, ginger, sesame oil and other hot and dry ingredients may also be added.

"Not everyone is suitable for medicated diet and tonic!" Remind the following 6 types of people to try it before stopping:

Chronic diseases

: including cardiovascular disease, liver and gallbladder disease, kidney disease, diabetes, metabolic disease, etc.

Some medicated diets add a lot of wine, season too much, contain too much sodium, or are too high in calories and too greasy, which may aggravate the original disease.

Gastrointestinal diseases

: Too greasy medicated diet is prone to flatulence and indigestion.

Spices and alcohol can both irritate the stomach and intestines. Eating too much ginger duck or shochu chicken with a lot of alcohol can easily cause stomach inflammation, stomach pain, and gastroesophageal reflux.


: Medicinal food is generally stewed for a long time, but long-cooked broth and pork rib soup are high-purine foods, which can easily induce gout attacks.

The body is inflamed and infected

: when you have a cold and a fever, if you eat hot and tonic medicinal food, it will add fuel to the fire and make the inflammation worse.

Skin diseases

: Some patients with psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, and chronic urticaria will aggravate their skin symptoms after eating too much medicated food.

Autoimmune diseases

: Like rheumatoid arthritis and lupus erythematosus, some patients are very sensitive to qi-invigorating and warming herbs such as ginseng, angelica, astragalus, etc., which may aggravate the disease, so it is not recommended to eat them.

Zheng Anbin emphasized that if you are not sure what ingredients are suitable for your physique, you can seek the assistance of a qualified professional Chinese medicine practitioner.

In addition, health preservation also attaches great importance to daily life and rest. For example, the winter health regimen mentioned in the Neijing is "to lie down early and get up late, and wait for the sun", which means to get enough sleep and wait for the sun to come out for activities to avoid excessive temperature differences. Work and rest are two-pronged, so that everyone can spend the winter safely and welcome the new year with joy.

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