Her Majesty the Queen wore a Carolina Herrera recycled fabric trouser suit.

Letizia paired the elongated jacket and flared pants with arrows with a white top and matching Magrit heeled pumps, which are in the Queen's 2019 wardrobe.

Queen Letizia / Photo: Getty Images

Letizia first appeared in this costume at a public event in 2020 at the Princess of Girona Foundation Awards.

Its cost was then 2590 dollars.

The wife of the Spanish king had, as always, a very stylish and attractive appearance.

Her ear-rings sparkled in her ears, her face was lightly made-up, and her hair was loose.

Queen Letizia / Photo: Getty Images

We will remind you that the Spanish royal family recently presented their Christmas card.

True, only two daughters of the royal couple - Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofia - appeared on it, the royal couple itself was not represented in the picture.

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