Zhang Lan (left) and Wang Xiaofei often expose embarrassing stories to each other live.

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[Reporter Lin Nangu/Comprehensive Report] "Big S" Xu Xiyuan was revealed today (19th) that she and her new fiancé Koo Junye moved out of the former love nest "Xinyi Guande" with her ex-husband, and bought the "National Art Museum" under the name of Big S "Wang Xiaofei confessed her last words in advance because of her diagnosis.

Zhang Lan and Wang Xiaofei were diagnosed one after another. On the 18th, when Zhang Lan brought the goods live, his physical condition seemed to have almost recovered. Wang Xiaofei, who was later infected with the epidemic, also followed the live broadcast, but he did not look very good and his voice was hoarse; the best Surprisingly, Wang Xiaofei specifically named her mother Zhang Lan to tell her her last words during the live broadcast.

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Wang Xiaofei dragged her exhausted body and told Zhang Lan: "If I can't get through, you can get me Badaling." Zhang Lan was so frightened that he asked him not to talk nonsense, and then he reminded Zhang Lan: "You also know that you can't talk nonsense with your mouth. Don't talk nonsense." From the words, it can be seen that he is still suffering from the diagnosis and his body is still sick.

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