Physician Zhuo Jingyi assesses the cold symptoms of a child; the picture is a photo of the situation, and the patient in the picture is not the subject of this article.

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In early December, the government lifted the ban on masks and no longer required to wear masks in outdoor ventilated places. Many parents also felt uneasy about this.

Children under the age of 2 are not suitable for wearing masks due to their relatively narrow respiratory tract and immature development. If the ban on masks is lifted when the epidemic cannot be fully controlled, will infants and young children increase the risk of infection?

If young children go out and wear masks for a long time, it may cause insufficient oxygen during activities, because their airways are smaller and consume more oxygen, and their respiratory muscles are relatively weak. In addition, infants and young children are less able to take off masks by themselves and respond to physiological needs by vocalization .

If the elastic band of the mask is too tight, secretions from the mouth and nose, and spitting up milk are not detected and treated in time, causing breathing difficulties, which may cause suffocation hazards, and even frequent contact with the mask and face due to discomfort or curiosity will increase the risk of infection.

Therefore, in addition to maintaining social distance in public places, you can also use covered strollers or baby carriers to protect children.

The lifting of the ban on outdoor masks does increase the chances of infants who go out to be exposed to the virus, but the main way for infants to be exposed to the virus is actually family members, and the usual hygiene habits of cohabitants at home are the key to affecting the diagnosis of infants.

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Breastfeed more to boost baby's immunity

The government is currently promoting the vaccination of Moderna vaccines for infants aged 6 months to 5 years old. If infants and young children who need to go out, have to stay in baby care institutions and other places, and are not suitable for wearing masks, they can be vaccinated after being evaluated by a doctor. To reduce the chance of severe illness after diagnosis.

Parents who have doubts about the sequelae of vaccines can also feed more breast milk during breastfeeding. Breast milk contains a variety of antibodies, immunoglobulins, and lactoferrin, which can enhance the immunity of infants and young children.

Timely contact with external viruses is nature's training for children's immunity, and it can also gradually strengthen their self-healing power. Therefore, children should not worry too much about mild colds and fever symptoms in their lives. They should avoid the abuse of antibiotics and take care of them according to the professional instructions of doctors. Just rest.

Considering that the domestic epidemic situation is slowing down and controllable, the country has canceled the limit on the number of people entering the country. With the loosening of the epidemic prevention policy, parents do not need to be overly nervous at this stage. They should maintain good living habits, implement disinfection and hand washing frequently, and avoid entering and leaving crowded, closed and poorly ventilated spaces. Maintaining social distance and getting vaccinated is the link to effective epidemic prevention and protection.

(The author is a pediatrician at Yuhe Women's and Children's Center)

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