Takeru Sato became a hot topic because of the Japanese drama "First Love".

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Japanese actor Takeru Sato has recently become a hot topic because of the Japanese drama "First Love". His character in the drama is infatuated and handsome. Fans hope that their first love is as perfect as Takeru Sato. His new photobook "Beyond" will be released with the new drama Released at the same time, his appearance in the book is changeable, he can be handsome, sexy, fans enjoy watching it!

"Beyond" is a newly published art photobook by Ken Sato, in the hands of fashion photographer Mario Sorrenti, who is the ex-boyfriend of supermodel Kate Moss and famous for taking pictures of nude models. Of course, "Beyond" is also indispensable for the eye-catching pictures of Sato Takeru.

Takeru Sato’s looks in the book are varied, and his favorite Japanese jewelry brand MIKIMOTO strongly sponsored many of the looks with MIKIMOTO’s jewelry blessings, and even took photos at MIKIMOTO’s jewelry store in Place Vendome in Paris.

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Takeru Sato wears MIKIMOTO PASSIONOIR M Collection black pearl pendant, 165,000 yuan.

(Provided by MIKIMOTO, the same below)

Sato Takeru said that the unpolished natural charm of pearls deeply attracted him and made him feel the preciousness and beauty of nature. He put on MIKIMOTO's pearl necklace and stood in front of an ancient building in the 1920s to take pictures. The picture is very powerful, which impressed him deeply. MIKIMOTO hopes to convey the timeless style of pearls regardless of gender and across generations through the interpretation of Takeru Sato.

Takeru Sato is stripped naked, only wearing the MIKIMOTO M Code black pearl pendant on his body, please contact the store for the price.

MIKIMOTO PASSIONOIR double-ring pearl ear cuffs add handsomeness to Takeru Sato, 10,000 yuan.

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