Beautiful photos of Taylor Swift in 2012.

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[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] The American diva Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift) has excellent singing and writing skills. In addition to releasing a new album recently, she will also be working as a director in the film industry, attracting fans' attention.

And some netizens compared her similar looks in 2012 and 2022. The fairy beauty has not changed at all, and the frozen age shocked everyone.

Taylor Swift's 10-year comparison photo, the fairy beauty perfectly presents the frozen age.

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Photos of Taylor's similar hairstyles in 2012 and 2022 were compared by fans. It can be seen that Taylor's lipstick has changed from nude lipstick to red lipstick. The author just titled the post with two hearts, and it attracted tens of thousands of likes and comments: "Goddess...", "She is still turning upside down!"

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Taylor Swift's score for the movie "Murder in the Swamp" was nominated for a Golden Globe.

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In addition, Taylor Swift, who just passed her 33rd birthday, was shortlisted for the 80th Golden Globe Awards (Golden Globe Awards) "Best Song" for the theme song "Carolina" composed for the movie "Where the Crawdads Sing". "Best Original Song", this is the second time she has been shortlisted for this award after the theme song "Beautiful Ghosts" written for the movie "Cats". A Golden Globe.

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