[Reporter Yi Huici/Comprehensive Report] Liao Keyi surprised to announce his remarriage on Facebook. The object is the anchor Qin Lingqian. He thought it was a happy event, but it was revealed that he had multiple daughters, and his image collapsed. Liao Keyi almost ate fans, and He can sweetly coax a girl into saying that he will marry her, have a baby, and take it home to show to his parents. The tricks are all the same.

Writer Ku Ling said on the program "Zhenzhen Youci" a few days ago: "How do you distinguish between a warm man and a scumbag? If you are not warm, how can you be a scumbag? Don't talk about cheating, but talk about overlapping feelings, okay?"

Liao Keyi (left), Kuling.

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The host, Xie Zhenwu, found it incredible. At the same time, several girls said they blocked it, so they blocked it. Aren't they afraid of breaking the news?

Ku Ling said, "As a traveling show senior and as a scumbag senior, I have to speak and distinguish between a warm man and a scumbag. Let me tell you, how can a man who is not warm be a scumbag? If you don't attract me, you don't make my heart beat." , how can you attract others again, let's not talk about cheating, let's talk about overlapping feelings, okay?" The audience laughed.

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Bitter Ling.

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As for what a scumbag is, Ku Ling said, "The one who loves me is a warm man, and the one who doesn't love me is a scumbag, it's that simple." Ku Ling also said, "Actually, I watched a travel show hosted by Liao Keyi. Looks good, and looks handsome, completely different from what I was back then." The audience roared with laughter again.

Ku Ling said, "I was so poor in external conditions, so I had to resist a lot of temptations back then." Xie Zhenwu asked seriously, "How far is the temptation? How direct?" Ku Ling replied, "For example, just come to visit the class and wait for you to get off work , Send this and send that, obviously expressing kindness."

Xie Zhenwu asked again: "There are so many temptations, have you never been tempted? Have you never fallen?" Ku Ling replied, "I value my career very much, just like you, but I have fallen to other places."

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