Liao Keyi.

(File photo, provided by Asia Travel Channel)

[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] After Admiralty host Liao Keyi and T station anchor Qin Lingqian flashed their marriage, scandals were brought to the stage one after another. The intellectual and sunny appearance of him broke the long-established screen image with his own hands.

Recently, the staff around Liao Keyi complained in the private community, "We play team competitions, and the success or failure is shared. Everyone's blood and sweat should not be removed from the shelves." Suspected to mean something, there are variables in the broadcast of Liao Keyi's program; In this regard, Asia Satellite TV responded.

According to the "Sanli News Network" report, it is suspected that the staff around Liao Keyi wrote in the private community that "everyone's hard work should not be taken off the shelves." They also specifically marked Asia Travel Channel; in response, Asia Satellite TV responded , "The program that was filmed abroad a few days ago, we will re-evaluate whether the discussion will be broadcast, and it has not yet been determined."

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In fact, when Liao Keyi's cheating storm broke out, the TV station issued a statement on the evening of the 7th, "Mr. Liao Keyi resigned from Asia Satellite TV on November 29, 2011. Regarding news about Mr. In the artist's private domain, the host has also left, so the company will not respond."

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