[Reporter Yang Xinhan/Taipei Report] Sodagreen's avatar band Yudingshi will return to the Arena in 2023. On February 18 and 19 next year, the Taipei Arena will hold the "Chitang Shadow Night Concert". In the World Cup football stadium, I accidentally heard Yu Dingshi's ramming song "Believe", which surprised netizens.

Yudingshi will start singing at the Little Arena in February next year.

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Last night's World Cup semi-finals, before France's fierce battle with Morocco, Yudingshi's "Believe" was played live. It turned out that this was FIFA's previous "World Cup DJ" voting activity, allowing netizens to play it live in the World Cup song.

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When watching a football game, I accidentally heard Yudingshi’s song. Netizens commented: “This song is really powerful”, “Listening to this beautiful song, it’s very warm and suitable, let’s feel the incomparable beauty of the World Cup together”, causing discussions topic.

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