In this year's season of "Games of Will: Bulgaria", the women showed strength and qualities in the Arena that even some of the men do not possess.

They deservedly fought until the end to reach the final.

Well, after all, we saw a woman in the final - Victoria, so we have no right to talk about injustices in the game.

All were evenly matched in this battle. 

Along with strength, the girls also showed a natural beauty among men that cannot be missed.

Mirela, who in real life dominates the people around her with dance, is considered the most sympathetic participant, especially of the male gender, because she is professionally engaged in this and is really very, very good at it.

Certainly, this is one of the things with which Lefterov once won, and it is no coincidence that local stars go to her for lessons - among them is the playmate Monika Valerieva.

Bomba from "Games of the Will" became a journalist

After leaving the show, the beautiful girl from Varna became a real influencer find.

Her time throughout the day is tightly filled with all kinds of advertising commitments, but Mirela always finds time for dancing.

Recently, she herself shared that with them she feels alive and through them she forgets her problems - at least for a while.

This is definitely her biggest passion, which she managed to turn into a profession, writes the Vbox7 channel.

Yesterday evening, the model was again at an influencer event on the occasion of Slavena Vatova's new book, but before that she uploaded a video to her story with very provocative and naughty movements from her home in a sports outfit.

You can see that she puts a lot of passion into dancing and, in our humble understanding, she does it quite well - you can't help but like her.