Maria Ilieva surprised her fans after she appeared on stage together with none other than Preslava

Preslava Koleva Ivanova, better known by her stage name Preslava, and sang one of her famous songs, namely "It's a lie".

A video on social networks shows that Maria Ilieva is not alien to this music, on the contrary.

After Tita and Geri-Nikol, Maria Ilieva faltered in the light genre.

The impromptu duet performance caused a storm of reactions on social networks, where approving comments from fans of both artists immediately poured in.

In addition to singing, the mother of two children and performer of the hit song "Nothing" also gives away with crash dances, which clearly show that she has finally shed the excess kilts after the birth of her daughter Sofia.

Maria Ilieva became a mother for the second time

Years ago, Ilieva was a passionate opponent of the folk genre, but then she changed her tone.

She was even caught by paparazzi partying with Elena Pariseva and Preslava

Preslava Koleva Ivanova, better known by her artistic pseudonym Preslava, in the chalga club, and in 2012 publicly praised the light genre.

"I wouldn't blame the chalga. The fact is that it is an industry and that is commendable, because one person was able to foresightly assess what business policy to have and really made a very serious business out of it," the entrepreneur explained at the time, wrote.


Maria Ilieva