Until 1991, 167 mineral deposits were discovered in the economic zone of Eastern Zangezur and Karabakh and their reserves were calculated.

During the 30-year occupation period, many of these deposits, especially large ore deposits, were illegally exploited by the Armenian occupying regime.

Ali Aliyev, Chairman of the Management Board of the Geological Exploration Agency, said this in his statement to APA.

He said that after the liberation of our territories from the occupation, the foreign companies operating the large ore deposits "Vejnali", "Söyudlü", "Kızılbulaq" and "Demirli" were removed from the country.

However, recently, according to the information provided by the relevant institutions, it was determined that the Armenian occupation regime has resumed its activities mainly in the "Demirli" copper-porphyry deposit:

"The participation of citizens of foreign countries was previously observed in the restoration of the activity. In this case, the activity of Ruben Vardanyan, a Russian citizen of Armenian origin, was identified. Taking this into account, the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources has initiated geo-exploration in the mentioned areas in the initial stage for the exploitation of mineral raw materials resources in the region and the elimination of the ecological disaster that has arisen. - put forward the organization and conduct of environmental monitoring. Therefore, on December 3, a group consisting of experts from ETSN, "AzerGold" and the State Committee for Real Estate Affairs moved to Shusha and from there to Khojaly, and met with the head of the peacekeepers, Andrey Volkov. At this meeting, monitoring was carried out in those areas preparation of the road map for

On December 7, the project was discussed with the peacekeepers' team and assistants and accepted.

In order to carry out monitoring as soon as possible, it was agreed to provide access to the territory of "Demirli" and "Gizilbulag" fields.

However, in the meeting that took place after 3 days, we tried to enter that area, and the Armenian community opposed us in a very aggressive form and the inaction of the peacekeepers made it impossible to enter the area of ​​the deposits.

Nevertheless, as a result of observations from the area close to the deposit, it was determined that very large-scale and serious exploitation works are being carried out in the "Demirli" deposit.

After returning from there, we again discussed this issue with the peacekeepers and no result was achieved.

Therefore, Azerbaijani non-governmental organization representatives, ecologists,

activists are holding a similar action on the Shusha-Khankendi road.

Here the attitude is expressed in a civil manner.

For 2 days now, we have been demanding to meet with the head of the peacekeepers and help us enter the territory, and we will achieve this."

Ali Aliyev noted that monitoring must be carried out in those areas, the real ecological situation must be assessed, and appropriate measures must be taken to restore it:

"Besides all this, we must note that the fields involved in exploitation belong to the state of Azerbaijan and its material values ​​should serve our people.

It is true that the Armenian community living here are also citizens of Azerbaijan.

However, they can operate within the framework of the freedoms provided by the Constitution of Azerbaijan.

For this, it should organize its activities according to the requirements of our legislation.

Our demand is that illegality should be stopped."