What things to plan?

What clothes and jewelry to wear for good luck in work and love?

What part of the body should you pay special attention to?

What number will be lucky?

What can't be done categorically?

The horoscope of the day answers these questions.

The current lunar day has the following characteristics:

Astrological tip of the day:

the stars give a person success in all areas of life, so there is no business that should not be undertaken today.

The moon is especially inclined to creative people, so they can start work on any project - it will bring not only fame, but also money.

Symbol of the day:


Element of the day:


Lucky number of the day:


Lucky colors of the day:

white, lilac.

Lucky stones of the day:

zircon, obsidian, pyrite.

What part of the body is responsible for: the


Illnesses of the day:

Illnesses that started this day are safe and short-lived, especially if you consult a doctor in time.

Food of the day:

it is necessary to remove fatty, fried and alcohol from the diet.

Dreams of the day:

the dreams of the current night do not carry useful information, so you can perceive them as a funny movie - and nothing more.

Haircut of the day:

the day is favorable for a haircut.

Aphorism of the day:

"The journey is the reward" (Steve Jobs).

Guardian angel of the day:

Aspher - provides physical power.

Magic and mysticism of the day:

the day is favorable for magic related to one's own house: yes, you can hope for negative people from its threshold towards the owners.

Taboo of the day:

it is necessary to be afraid of any - even minor - wound: it can cause blood contamination.

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