Valentyna Wittrock

tells about what should be paid special attention to on this day


The transiting Moon

passes through the sign of


, focusing our attention on our own home, which is especially important on the eve of numerous Christmas holidays.

These days - even with a busy work schedule - it is recommended to find time for cleaning, preferably general, which will allow you to clean your home, including the most difficult-to-reach places, so that no corner is left without economic attention.


loves everything around to shine;

there is one thing she adores even more than cleanliness, and that is order.

Therefore, it is very important to check all the cabinets and bedside tables for the presence of unnecessary - or such things that have outlived their usefulness - things that need to be parted with without regret, either given to charity or thrown into the trash.

Everything else should be washed, laundered, dried, ironed and hung or folded back into perfect stacks.

It is desirable to bring the same order in documents, sorting them and sending them to the trash can - both real and virtual - all that is no longer of any interest.

No matter how much some of us would like to get rid of this trouble, in ten days we will thank ourselves for having put our house in order, even if it was only through the efforts of our will.

Before the holidays, we will only have to dust the surfaces and wipe the floor, the rest will be done in advance.

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