Prince William and Princess Kate finally revealed the 2022 family Christmas card on the official community earlier today (14). The family of five held hands with a sincere smile on their faces. The contrast between Lemegen's expression in recent documentaries, joy and pain are immediately judged.

Every year on Christmas Eve, the Wicky family of the British royal family will publish an annual Christmas card. The family photos on this card will appear on the front of hundreds of Christmas cards and sent to William and Kate’s family members, friends, Charities and organizations, etc., the 2022 greeting card was finally revealed today. It is a happy group photo of a family of five. In the photo, William and Kate can be seen on the left and right, holding three children in the middle. The location of the photo is Sandringham Manor , was selected for shooting earlier this year, and was shot by royal photographer Matt Porteous.

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In William and Kate’s annual Christmas card family photos, what fans look forward to the most is the current situation of the three cute babies, the rapid growth of Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Louis George Always be the focus.

In addition, the British royal family, which is good at speaking with fashion, will also arrange a family of five to have the same look in the mirror. This year, they chose to wear denim style. It can be seen that all five of them are wearing jeans. Prince William and Prince George both wear Ralph Lauren blue. Shirts, Polo shirts, etc., and Nike casual shoes. Charlotte and Louis also choose to wear blue tops. Princess Kate on the right wears a white blouse and her favorite Superga white shoes.

The British "Daily Mail" made a special evaluation of Wayka's Christmas greeting card styles, pointing out that they "rarely" appeared in jeans to create a "relaxed" style image.

The official community of the British royal family released the 2022 Christmas card for the William and Kate family of five today, wearing casual and relaxed denim styles to show their affinity.

The "Daily Mail" even compared Harry and Meghan, who have been promoting the documentary in full swing recently. In the headline, it named "the Christmas card of the Wicky family is full of joy, which is in stark contrast to the pain of Harry and Meghan". The article is attached The screenshot of Hame’s documentary is indeed quite different from William Kate’s happy Christmas card.

The second half of the Harry Meghan documentary will be launched on the 15th, and William Kate deliberately chose to release the Christmas card on the 13th, which is the eve of the documentary’s launch. It was also interpreted by the British media as a performance for the royal family. It seems that there is no fiction.

The British media compared William Kate's Christmas card to the recent documentaries of Prince Harry and Meghan, and Hame's picture was even described as "painful".

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