[Reporter Yang Xinhan/Taipei Report] The countdown to Leehom Wang's comeback after a year of silence, will be held in the American casino next month. The organizer Kuanyu International released the official poster and 20-second video of the concert today. The long-lost Leehom Wang is facing off for the first time. The camera, from a close-up of the hand-held guitar, stopped abruptly, and the strong chest muscles seemed to steal the spotlight, sparking discussions among fans.

Wang Leehom will start singing in Las Vegas next month.

(File photo, photo by reporter Chen Yikuan)

"Kuanyu International" CEO "Kuan sister" Qiu Yukuan revealed Wang Leehom's recent situation, "He has been practicing musical instruments recently. He said it was the "Reunion Musical Instrument Alumni Association". His three old friends are guitar, violin and piano. The piano is " The piano used by the well-known soprano singer Maria Callas, Goddess of Opera, except for this antique that cannot be shipped over, Leehom's other "old friends" guitars and violins will accompany him in the performance."

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Qiu Yukuan emphasized that the "ONE LeeHom Wang" concert emphasizes musicality. "Leehom played the violin, which is very charming. This violin has been with him since high school. Past recordings and live performances , it will be used in parts that include the violin. The performance in 2023 is Leehom’s new exposure, and he will also perform a very special Chinese instrument.”

In addition, "Kuan Yu International" has recently reached an agreement with "Yuan Ding Da Jia". Yu International" is used in "New Media (Digital Media) New Media".

The countdown to Wang Leehom's comeback, the concert poster shows a strong and good figure.

(Provided by Kuanyu International)

"Yuan Ding Da Jia" is the company of "Sister Ge" Ge Fuhong, the godmother of the Chinese entertainment industry. This cooperation with "Kuanyu International" represented by Qiu Yukuan symbolizes the strategic alliance of the two most important sisters in the Chinese entertainment industry, which is of great significance.

In fact, "Kuanyu International" and "Yuan Ding Dai Jia" have cooperated closely for many years and have a friendly relationship. In terms of concerts alone, from "Amuro Namie Finally Farewell Concert Taiwan Station" to the upcoming concert at the Little Arena Tickets for "Jolin Tsai UGLY BEAUTY World Tour Concert FINALE in TAIPEI Finale in Taipei" were all sold out in seconds, which shows the extraordinary vision of the two big sisters.

Qiu Yukuan also said that after Jolin Tsai's concert, it is a great honor to be authorized by Sister Ge's company. This batch of works includes "recording works" and "audio-visual works", including Jolin Tsai's "Dancing Girl", Aaron Kwok's "I Can't End My Love for You" ", Gigi Leung's "Short Hair" and other albums, as well as Yang Caini, Wu Qilong, Leo Ku, Yang Zongwei, Cai Minyou and other albums, which can be described as a great treasure of Chinese music.

Qiu Yukuan believes, "In the future New Media, with technological breakthroughs, it is very likely that there will soon be unimaginable applications. It is no longer just streaming. "Kuanyu International" can cooperate with "Yuan Ding Da Jia" , can be said to be like a tiger with wings added, a wide fish becomes a whale.”

Qiu Yukuan also said: "I have always admired the important and talented singers and entertainers in the Chinese music scene. Jolin and Chengcheng certainly have a profound impact on pop culture, and Wang Leehom is also a name that should not be ignored."

As for whether Leehom Wang's concert will be performed at the Taipei Arena?

Regarding this, Sister Kuan jokingly said: "Many people are interested, you may ask Sister Ge, she told me 'everything is possible.'"

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