Xiao Huangqi (right) started the countdown and recorded the program promotion of the Internet celebrity "Empress Alizabeth".

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[Reporter Yang Xinhan/Taipei Report] Taiwanese singer Xiao Huangqi, who has debuted for 20 years, will hold a solo concert in Taipei this month. He recorded the channel program promotion of Thailand's Internet celebrity "Empress Alizabeth", sharing the bitterness and joy of his debut so far.

Niangniang's interview with Xiao Huangqi this time, changed her character of being angry and outspoken before, including her speech and eyes became much gentler. The content of the video seemed positive and inspiring, and fans left messages: "My Niangniang has changed", "So gentle Niang Niang", "Do I have a wrong frequency?"

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Xiao Huangqi shared in the program that life cannot be estimated or not worth it, but with a sense of stupidity, he thanked many noble people for their help, including the current manager Chen Lili. Every six days, I took passengers to Taichung to record, and because of financial constraints, I had to live in dilapidated, shabby hotels.”

Xiao Huangqi revealed that at that time, his manager was really wronged, "It was also because of his persistence at the time that he had the opportunity to complete the album and was recognized by the Golden Melody Awards. "Grandma's Words" has touched and touched so many people."

Xiao Huangqi exudes positive energy, thinking that "fate" cannot be changed, but he can change his mind, "If it weren't for these hard processes and patience, how could there be harvest and sweetness in the future." Xiao Huangqi "How are you now, friend?" Concert 12 It will be held at TICC on April 24th and 25th, and you can contact ibon for concert ticket sales.

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