Korean actress Jeon Ji-hyun has not acted in a new work since filming Netflix's "Corpse of North Korea: The Legend of Yashin" and tvN's "Jirisan" last year, but as the "Queen of Advertising" in Korea, she is popular even if she does not film Still hot, full of endorsements, with the arrival of the end of the year holidays, Jun Ji-hyun's new commercials have also been launched one after another, allowing fans to feast their eyes.

Jeon Ji-hyun became the brand ambassador of Burberry this year. After the three sets of endorsement photos released earlier, the brand recently released her latest image photos and advertising videos. Different from the previous simple and elegant style, in the latest four released In the group photos, Jun Ji Hyun once again showed the queen's aura and excellent body proportions.

A classic windbreaker with a black short leather jacket can be worn in different styles.

All kinds of outfits can match Jun Ji-hyun's famous figure.

The entire group of image photos is dominated by a black background, and the four outfits are all black, including wearing high boots, a large shawl with the brand logo and a classic horse totem, which is full of momentum; there is another set She wore a black shirt and trousers, a classic windbreaker and a short black leather jacket, and she looked handsome; the most difficult thing to look away was her pair of long legs, including her short black dress, Wearing a large coat with various animal totems such as rabbits, goats, and roosters, a pair of beautiful legs covered in black stockings, white high-heeled shoes, and a shiny bag in his hand, netizens praised this flamboyant outfit, Probably only Jun Ji-hyun can sustain it.

Jun Ji-hyun took a new image photo for Burberry, showing the queen's momentum.

Jeon Ji Hyun's perfect figure is super eye-catching, not at all like a mother of two children.

In the last set, Jun Ji-hyun is wearing a black faux fur coat with a handsome black short skirt suit, revealing a pair of slender legs and a proud figure; Walking on the stage, showing off her outfits, fans shouted: "No one can beat the aura and beauty", "Eternal goddess", "This is not like mom at all".

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